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Leos, what do you want for a birthday gift this year?

And when is your birthday?

Mine is in two weeks (August 7) and I want the indoor/outdoor George Foreman grill. I think I will do the annual treat for myself to the spa for the day. I first started that routine…

Do you have any good George Foreman Grill recipes?

I just started using my GF grill and I love it! I’ve done hamburgers, chicken, and those potato fry chip things. I need more recipes please = )

Thank you!!Asked by:mom of 2

grilling chicken on the george foreman grill?

what’s the best way to grill boneless skinless chicken ******* on the george foreman grill? i’m looking to make a grilled chicken sandwich. should i marinate the chicken? what should i use? olive oil, italian dressing?

any other recipes for…

Where can I find good George Foreman Grill Recipes?

I know I know, almost ashamed to admit it, but I love the George Foremen Gill! Looking for some good resource for recipes.

ThanksAsked by:Jerry

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