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George Foreman Grill: BBQ for Lean Cooking |

From making healthy breakfasts to mouthwatering dinner desserts, the range of grill recipes that can be tried on George Foreman grills are humongous. They amazingly cater to a variety of cooking requirements and can make eggs, …

Recipes for “George Foreman” grill?

I got a Foreman grill for Christmas & would like to try some recipes on it.
Got any favorites or suggestions?Asked by:amee2you

Will a George Foreman grill , be just as good as an outdoor grill?

I live in an apartment where outdoor grills are not allowed; and I love grilled food. Someone suggested a George Foreman grill. But which one will be the best , it’s so many of themAsked by:eishas

Has anyone tried baking/roasting on a george foreman indoor/outdoor grill?

The instructions are given for roasting and it says roasting/baking so I thought I would ask around. I go on a camping trip every year to cabins that have everything but an oven. I usually get breakfast detail and want…

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