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Is the nonstick coating on George Foreman outdoor grills teflon?

Does anyone have paperwork on the standing outdoor/indoor grill that might be specific on what the coating is? I know that teflon is nasty, but it might be made with a “later and
greater” product that may be just as bad…

What’s your fave way to eat or cook a hot dog? Boiled, grilled, microwave, steamed,roasted, etc?

Today my roommate, my cousin and I would like to make some hot dogs but we’re having a stupid argument over what technique is best because each one of us have our own way of making them.

This brings me to…

George Foreman Grill?

I need a replacement part for my george foreman grill, I have the gIpod200 Ipod and mp3 ready indoor/outdoor grill,,the grilling plate got messed up and i want to get a replacement part for it..does anyone know what 1800 number…

I need a temperature control probe, item # P/N 21006B for an old George Foreman Outdoor grill. where online?

I can’t find this probe in my home town of HagerstownAsked

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